4th of July Decorating

Hot dogs on the BBQ, a cold brew, fireworks and fun! There’s so much to love about the 4th of July! It’s a great excuse to eat too much, spend time with friends, family and chill. I especially love that this is one of the more relaxed holidays. There’s no pressure to cook an extravagant meal, just throw some burgers on the grill, toss a few sides and condiments on the table and let people kick back and relax. This is my mindset for all things 4th of July, including decorating! I like to keep things fun and simple. I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you do the same! Oh and check out this super cute red, white and blue apron if you're planning on doing some cooking this 4th of July!


This is quite possibly the easiest 4th of July decorating tip ever. You know those inexpensive little flags everyone has at parades? The one’s on a little stick with a simple fabric flag, save them and pack them up each year for decor purposes. They are so versatile, you can use them just about anywhere. Drop a handful in various vases or a jars. This can be super cute in mason jars if you like a more farmhouse look! One of my favorite ways to display them is in a floral arrangement. They make for super cute, patriotic centerpieces! Just stick them right in as you would with another flower! I also love using these in the grass along a walkway. Wouldn’t it be cute to have your guests march along a flag filled entryway outside of your home? You can even display them in flower pots or around your garden. These little flags are so versatile and easy to use. You just can’t go wrong. This is one of those things where it’s low cost, low effort but high impact.

Throw Pillows

Accenting your home with throw pillows is one of my go-to tricks for changing the aesthetic of just about any room. You can keep things simple and just go with solid red and blue pillows. Pro tip: You can repurpose the red ones for Christmas or Valentines Day! You can also get fancy and throw in a decorative pillow like this one here. Don’t worry too much about things completely tying in with your existing color schemes. Adding a few accents here and there for this holiday is more than enough!


Red, white and blue flowers are a classy way to incorporate the colors for the 4th of July into your home. I love how any floral arrangement exudes an elegant element in a home. Money saving tip: Use real flowers for table centerpieces that people will come into close contact with and use artificial silk flower arrangements in places like shelves, nooks, and peripheral areas. I like to use this trick because often times, when people see the real flowers up close, it tends to give off the sense that the rest of them are real too! The best part is, you can re-use those artificial flowers for years to come! Don’t you just love that? I know I sure do!


Signs are another high impact way to incorporate the 4th of July into your decor. I love how it is so easy to add a cute sign to a shelf, wall, or table top and completely transform the overall message! A new trend that I have come across that makes me love using signs even more is, drumroll please… reversible signs! You guys, this is a game changer when it comes to decorating! Why buy two signs when you can buy two-in-one? Check out this reversible Summer and America sign here. It makes things so simple! You don’t even have to rearrange your decor to display it. Simply display the Summer side throughout the first half of June, flip it around when you start decorating for the 4th of July and flip it back once the holiday is over! Easy peasy!


Not gonna lie, I have a wreath obsession. It probably goes hand in hand with my artificial silk flower obsession now that I think about it. I love to look at them online. I love to pin them on Pinterest. I love to wander around craft stores to collect wreath making supplies only to put them all back and just buy one… Can anyone else relate or is that just me? Anyway, there are so many fun varieties when it comes to wreath styles.

You can use florals, greenery, ribbons, burlap, yarn or even use strips of fabric from red, white and blue bandanas! If you’re interested in making your own I suggest checking out Pinterest for ideas. That’s my first stop when I’m feeling creative. I am a fan of floral wreaths but I really do love them all. Pro tip: You can easily add some patriotic flair to any existing wreath just by adding some mini flags to it! It’s simple, inexpensive and you can easily remove them when the holiday is over.


One of my absolute favorite trends right now are garlands! They cover such a wide area of space and really help you send a message through your decor. I like to drape one across a mantel or console to add some festive detail. If you have a porch area you can display some bunting across the railing. Tinsel garlands are always fun to hang along the side of a table or door frame. You can utilize so many different types, textures, styles. The options are limitless. Check out this cute wooden star garland here. There are a few different types of garlands that I would recommend using for this holiday.
• Bead garland
• Pennant garland
• Fabric garland
• Pompom garland
• Tinsel garland


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