A Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’re already thinking about what to get your mom. My family is far from materialistic but what we do value is making each other feel loved and appreciated. Giving gifts isn’t about the gift itself, its about how the gift makes the other person feel upon receiving it. You know that warm and fuzzy feeling inside? The one that makes people gush and say “AWWWW, how sweeeeeet!” That’s the goal! So with that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you navigate how to go about giving your mom the gift of feeling loved and appreciated this Mother’s Day!

Something to Wear

An essential clothing item is always a safe bet. Everyone can always use more basics but the trick is finding something that can step it up a notch and provide that special feeling. You could do a warm and cozy cardigan that she can use to wrap herself up in when it gets a bit chilly in the morning or in the evening. A robe is always a great essential to have too. I know I feel a sense of home and comfort in mine. Another great clothing item to gift is a graphic tee, like this one here! They’re very trendy and she’s sure to be reminded of that happy feeling it gave her each time she puts it on!

Something Cozy

I touched on the cozy factor a bit earlier because warm and cozy things have this unique way of making you feel secure and loved. Isn’t that a great feeling to be able to give someone? Knowing that I can provide someone with a sense of warmth and love even when I’m not around sure does make me feel really good inside! A few items that can easily provide this warm and fuzzy feeling include:
• Blanket
• Mug
• Candle
• Slippers

Something to Drink

You can go one of two ways with this idea and it all depends on the person you are gifting. You can keep it classy and go with a nice bottle of wine and maybe pair it with a set of wine glasses to make it more of a gift set. (Combining similarly themed items is always a great idea- more about gift sets in another blog post coming soon!) A different option, which is one that my mom would certainly love because she is the reigning queen of champagne, would be to find a nice bottle of “champ” and pair that with a unique set of fun champagne glasses. I’m a big fan of champagne as well, maybe it’s hereditary! So what I can tell you, beyond a shadow of doubt, is that a bottle of champagne or wine, whichever your preference, is never a bad gift! It’s one of those things where you just can’t go wrong!

P.S. The same goes for any adult beverage! Be sure to think of your recipients’ drink of choice. I know plenty of moms who would greatly appreciate a nice, cold bottle of beer in an awesome mom-themed beer mug. Especially after a long hard day of chasing the kids around!

Something for the Home

This one can be a little tricky so stay with me here! My recommendation for any home decor gift is to keep it specific and keep it meaningful. I’m pretty picky about my home decor and I know many others can be too. What you want to do is find something with a Mother’s Day theme. Now I know you’re thinking that you don’t want to get her something corny but let me tell you, they will absolutely love it! What mother wouldn’t enjoy walking into her bedroom and seeing a sweet little sign that says “You’re the mom everyone wishes they had.” How do I know this? Because I gave one to my mom last Mother’s Day and she loves it! In fact, she keeps it out all year round. So don’t worry about being cheesy on a holiday like this. The goal is to celebrate her and sometimes, going over the top to show some affection is the answer! Here are some great suggestions!

Something Sentimental

I can say this with 100% confidence and certainty. Every single mom loves sentimental items! So much so that often times, it doesn’t so much matter what you give her; it’s about the meaning behind giving a gift in the first place. The very fact that it is from you and that you were thinking about her is more than enough. We hear it all the time on tv, from our friends and our family members. Mothers all over the world go on and on about something that their precious child gave them and how amazing it is; meanwhile the rest of us find ourselves perplexed by their reactions to something seemingly insignificant. My point is that it’s not so much about what you give your mom for Mother’s Day, its purely just the fact that you took the time to think about her and go out of your way to show her your love and appreciation on her special day!

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