Christmas In Black & White

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Black and white for Christmas? What? No way! Now hear me out, because I totally get that when you hear the colors black and white; Christmas decor is probably the furthest thing from your mind. That's all about to change once you see these gorgeous Christmas displays! Get ready, because I'm about to blow your decor-loving mind! Keep scrolling to take a look at these elegant set-ups and I just might have you converted to the dark side! 

Black and White Christmas Decor

The interesting thing is the green that you get from having a tree inside your home makes this whole black and white color scheme less intense. A Christmas tree is going to be a main focal point, if not the centerpiece of your display so that beautiful winter green will always be present. And honestly, there is no hiding that Christmas tree green even if you tried. My point here is, if you're decorating with black and white, you're still going to have that Christmas-y vibe regardless of whether or not you're decorating your home with the traditional red and green colors. Dare I say, I feel like the black and white decor even goes so far as to emphasize that green you see coming from the tree! I'm getting serious winter wonderland vibes from this picture, aren't you?

Before you bring it up, the answer is yes. I am fully aware of those super cool black Halloween trees. While I think they are the coolest thing since sliced bread, this girl isn't ready to hop on that band wagon for Christmas just yet. However, whatever floats your boat is fine in my book and I would encourage you to follow your heart when it comes to decorating your home. P.S. I am sure there are some super cool creatives out there that could do a bang up job of this. (Please tag me if you do it, I would love to see!) Who knows, maybe next year that will be the new trend! A year ago, if you told me I would be writing a blog about how much I love black Christmas decor... I would say girl, you crazy! So I suppose, never say never, is the lesson to be learned here!

Buffalo check christmas pillows

Now I'm sure I've hooked at least a few of you in by now. For those of you that aren't quite ready to dive all in, but are still feeling these black and white vibes, let's talk about pops of color! Take a look at your existing Christmas decor. I'm sure you have plenty of red and green. Or maybe you're a bit unconventional and you went with a beautiful snowflake blue color scheme maybe even pink. That all still works great because why?! Literally everything goes with black and white! Check out these examples using a few pops of traditional color. It totally works, right?

Black christmas decor

Black and white christmas decorating

If you've read my previous blog posts you know that I am all about adding a natural element to your decor. I feel that it brings a unique outdoor element inside the home, which I absolutely love. Nature is beautiful so why not feature it within our homes? My favorite way to implement this tip is with wooden accent pieces. You can do this with actual wooden cutouts of various shapes, like the items shown below, but it can also be as simple as incorporating signs or artwork with wooden frames. Unfinished wooden frames are my absolute most favorite thing when it comes to decorating. I think it brings a really cool rustic element to your home, which is a no-brainer when you're into the farmhouse style as much as I am.

wooden reindeer decorations

Wooden christmas tree cutout decorations

wood framed christmas sign

I hope I've given you a fun, new way to decorate outside of the box this holiday season! If you've seen any items that you absolutely MUST-HAVE, head over to our seasonal collection here to shop all of these gorgeous treasures! Remember that it's not just about following the trends or replicating everything you see on Instagram. Collect pieces that elicit a little spark inside of you. The holidays are about coming together, making memories and sharing that Christmas spirit with those around you! I hope this season brings you endless amounts of joy, happiness, and peace!

With love, Alissa


Photo credit: Adams & Co.

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    Afternoon, just came across your post in Pinterest! Love this look!!! Definitely going to try this Christmas!!

  • Lindsey on

    I love this! Where is that entry way table from?!? It’s gorgeous

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