Fall Must-Haves!

Fall is my most favorite season of all! The summer heat finally begins to ease up. The evening starts to get a bit more breezy. The leaves begin to turn that beautiful marbled shade of orange, yellow and red. People are inspired to dig through storage to pull out their pumpkin and apple cinnamon scented candles. Target puts out their cozy sweaters! Starbucks starts selling pumpkin spice lattes. (Shhh don’t tell but I’m not a fan, however I do thoroughly enjoy seeing how excited everyone gets about it!) My favorite part of fall is the cozy element that this season lends to us all. The cooler weather inspires us to bring out our soft and fuzzy blankets, snuggle up by the fireplace and soak in all of the magic of this beautiful season.

*Trigger Warning* Unpopular opinion here but if you're not into that pumpkin spice life, like yours truly, then you need this shirt!

I've got one for my pumpkin spice loving girls too. Don't think I left you out!

My family and I have a tradition of attending a fundraiser in Mid-September each year that raises money to support, educate and inspire through environmental stewardship. It features a beautiful hand-blown glass pumpkin patch that I look forward to going to each year. Not only is it an opportunity to support a great cause but for me, it symbolizes the beginning of Fall.

I usually tell myself that once I come home with my new and fabulous, carefully selected glass pumpkin, I can begin decorating my home. But this year, this crazy Covid-19 year, all my usual decorating rules have been thrown out the window! Slowly, so as to not startle anyone with my premature seasonal decorating, I had already started pulling out Fall scented candles by the beginning of August. Along with just a few items that incorporate darker seasonal shades… and possibly a few decorative pumpkins. Oh, and maybe a few bits of faux foliage here and there. Okay, I admit it, my home looked like Thanksgiving by September 1st. I really can’t help myself! Did I mention that I love Fall?

Anyway, let's get back to the reason you clicked on this blog post, Fall Must-Haves! If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts then you know I have a serious obsession with all things vintage, antique-inspired and a little bit rustic! If there were ever a time to incorporate these items, I would argue that it should most definitely be during this season. Anything with an older or weathered look is pretty easy to incorporate with natural Fall tones. These would be decorative pieces that you already have at home and can put out throughout the year, regardless of the season. No need to overhaul all of your decor just for one season! (Unless you have a money tree out back, in that case… give me a call!) Let’s take a look at a few examples!

One Fall trend that I have absolutely Fall-en (get it?!) in love with this year is colored glass! I’ve always loved colored vases and colored glass candle holders but this year, these pieces are to die for! During this season you want to focus on natural colors, such as shades of brown and green. For this trend, you’re going to have to forget about the saying, “less is more.” Right now, more is more! Different sizes, different shapes, and different shades are what it’s all about! Find an assortment of eclectic little vases to group and scatter throughout a room to create an overall polished look. Here are a few examples to inspire you!

I keep talking about this next seasonal trend on my Instagram, here. The more I see it, the more I love it! I'm talking about buffalo plaid! You might call it buffalo check. Whatever you prefer to call it, I am obsessed! To be completely honest I'm really not sure if there's a difference, so please let me know if you do! One thing I will never claim to do is know everything. The decor world is constantly evolving and changing. That's one of the things that is so great about it. I love learning new things so if ya'll can teach me a thing or two, I am here for it!

Another hot trend that is super popular this year is copper! Not only will it be amazing to display throughout Fall and Thanksgiving, it will also be great to incorporate with Winter and Christmas decor as well! Just think about it, copper easily ties in with green and brown for fall, it also incorporates well with red and green for Christmas! I love being able to use decorative items for more than one season. It’s more bang for your buck and who doesn’t love saving a little moolah every once in a while! Here are a few of my favorite copper items this year!

Last but not least, don’t forget your natural elements! As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, wood is a great way to bring the outside, indoors. That’s a no-brainer with all of the fabulous wooden farmhouse items that are so popular now days. If you’re not already incorporating natural elements in your home... then girl, hop right on that bandwagon and get in on this trend! I promise you will love it!

But let’s get back to our Fall natural element recommendation. Can you guess? I’m sure you already have! PUMPKINS, hello! There are so many different shapes, sizes and colors that you won’t have a problem finding something to match with the decor you’ve already got going on inside or even outside your home! Patio decor is soooo underrated! Please, please, please, decorate your porch! And then tag me in your Instagram pictures @withlove_alissa so I can see! I live for patio decor and would absolutely love to see yours!

Pro Tip: When using pumpkins to decorate, you always want to be sure that they aren’t going to rot and damage your tables, furniture, flooring or whatever it is that they might be sitting on. In order to preserve your pumpkins, I recommend doing three things. First, check your pumpkins for soft spots. Second, thoroughly wash your pumpkin. Lastly, once it has completely dried, you’re going to coat your pumpkin with a clear sealant. I prefer a satin spray sealant because I like the finish but you can use a glossy or matte spray as well. Any clear sealant you can find at a craft shop will suffice! P.S. This is also a great way to preserve painted pumpkins!

Well friends, I hope these Fall decorating ideas are helpful! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading the blog! Don't forget to stop by our Holiday section in the boutique to check out all of our seasonal treasures, here! All of the images link back to the items so just click to find more details and shop til ya drop! I wish you all a fabulous Fall season and all the pumpkin spice (or apple cider) that your heart desires!!!




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