Summer Decor Ideas

I love to incorporate seasonal changes in my decor. It’s a great way to mix things up and keep your home feeling updated and refreshed. The summer is almost here so that means bright, fun and happy colors! I’ve put together a few easy tips and tricks that might inspire you to transition your home into the next season!


The shades and colors we incorporate within our home can have a greater impact than we realize. Have you ever noticed how fast food restaurants always use the color red, yellow and blue? It’s because our subconscious mind can be influenced by colors and those colors elicit feelings of hunger and comfort! Pretty neat, right? So what colors come to mind when you think of the summer? I imagine red, orange, yellow and maybe some vibrant shades of blue and green. Even just imagining those color schemes gives me a summer vibe!

Incorporating these bright summer colors can be easier and less expensive than you think! Sometimes it’s as simple as pulling out some bright colored candles to add to existing decor within your home. I like to add pops of color with throw pillows and blankets too. Pro tip: Rotating and alternating the pillows you use throughout the year can make them last much longer than if you were to keep them out and use them all year round!


I don’t know about you but lemons just scream summer to me. Their bright color can have such a huge impact. They even bring back childhood memories of selling lemonade while being out from school. Having a big gulp of fresh squeezed lemonade always seems so much more refreshing in the summertime than any other time of the year. So how do you incorporate lemons into decor? It’s simple! Grab a big bag of them at the grocery store, add them to a vase or bowl and place them on the table! It’s as easy as that! After that you’re going to look for ways to accent them. My next step would be to bring out my super cute lemon tea towels! If you don’t have lemon tea towels, any variety of bright colors will do! Here are a few other cute lemon themed decor pieces that you can use to brighten up your home in the summer!


Bringing in some greenery can be an effective way to make your home feel a bit more like summer! Topiaries are one of my favorites since they are easy to incorporate and you can find a huge variety of different sizes to meet your needs. The shapes, sizes, and base settings are endless!

I like having a combination of real and artificial greenery within my home. Here’s a sneaky trick - when you have a combination of real and artificial plants, people will see the live plants and assume that they’re all real! (Not that there’s anything wrong with artificial plants, this girl loves her silk flowers like nobody’s business!) There’s just something about having real plants inside your home that gives you such a refreshing and clean feeling! Not to mention the fact that incorporating natural elements within your home is a total “pro tip!”

Interested in adding some plants to your home? It’s as easy as taking a trip to Home Depot or Lowes and picking them up! If you’re not already convinced, there’s also been research that shows having plants in your home can provide air purifying benefits! How cool is that? Here’s a list of some plants that you might want to consider incorporating within your home:

• Pathos
• Boston Fern
• Palm
• Aloe
• Peace Lily

Patriotic Decor

The big summer holiday that we celebrate every year is the 4th of July! Now if you already have existing red, blue or even just white decor, then you’ve got a head start. It can be as simple as strategically placing a few flag themed items around the living room and bam, you’re all set! Another great tip is to simply find decor that features a star symbol. You’d be surprised to see how many things can pass as being patriotic-themed without even realizing it. If you’re on the hunt for some 4th of July themed items, here are a few ideas!


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